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"Best Norwegian Albums of 2016" (beehy.pe, january 2017)

article on norwegian artist idun nicoline (beehy.pe, 02/12/16)

article on norwegian artist shikoswe (beehy.pe, 26/10/16)

article on norwegian pop band tusen takk (beehy.pe, 10/10/16)


author profile on beehy.pe: here



in norwegian:

concert review of german electronic group moderat live in oslo, norway (gaffa.no, 10/09/16)

interview with american jazz artist kamasi washington (gaffa.no, 13/08/16)

interview with swedish hip-hop artist madi banja (gaffa.no, 10/08/16)

review of the album for all we know by british r&b artist nao (gaffa.no, 27/7/16)

news story on rihanna and pokemon go (gaffa.no, 26/7/16)

news story on apple/spotify negotiations (gaffa.no, 01/07/16)

news story on apple patent protecting copyrights (gaffa.no, 30/06/16)






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